About Us

A concept store in the village of Assagao, North Goa.

Luxury clothing, home decor, gifts and furniture collections drawing inspiration from a life by the sea.

Located in an ancestral Goan villa, the store blends the cool outdoors with warm homely interiors via an oversized verandah packed with beautiful items collected across the globe.

At Rangeela we are more of an in-store kind of store. We believe the act of browsing through our treasures in real life is worth a thousand times over scrolling online. However, we know as times get tougher and travel gets more complicated, online shopping is sometimes the only way to reach you all.

For that reason we are slowly putting our website back up. But please note we won’t be putting everything from our store online. We are a small business, a family-run one that was set up nearly 22 years ago, now with a little dedicated and very efficient team. We don’t have an infinite stock of products, we will proudly say, we are not fast fashion, so when it’s gone, unless we really love it, it usually means it’s gone. We don’t have factories or endless warehouses or even more than one store so please bare with us as we slowly but surely enter the online world to try and get our selected goodies out to as many of you as possible.

Please reach out to us on Instagram or Whatsapp if there is something you really need but haven't found on the website.